How to prepare for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

So, you are ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, but you don’t know where to start. Our team has come up with a few things you show know and some ideas on how to get ready for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Let’s start with the general facts. If you are not familiar with the date and want to know a little more, here are a few quick facts to get you ready to chat with your friends or guests.

What is actually celebrated on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo)?

In Mexico, the date of May 5th commemorates the Battle of Puebla. No, this is not Independence Day or anything else like Day of Death. This was a historic date when the Mexican army fought a potential French Invasion.

Why is Cinco de Mayo so popular? Is the date actually celebrated in Mexico?

Yes, the date is commemorated in Mexico, but it is not a big celebration. Most of Mexico doesn’t pay too much attention to the date, other than the fact that it is a day off for many people. However, the Cinco de Mayo celebration has become an important date for the Mexican community in the US. The date is really to celebrate the Mexican and Hispanic community roots. Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has increased in popularity, and it’s now been adopted in many other countries, like here in Canada.

Now, you the meaning behind it, let’s talk about how to celebrate it properly, with some great food!

What to cook for Cinco de Mayo?

You might wonder if there is a specific dish cooked for Cinco de Mayo, and the short answer to that is no. Mexican cuisine is very diverse, and picking only one dish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo would be a missed opportunity.

Our team at Casa Bonita has picked some of our favourite Tacos dishes to celebrate this date.

  • Tacos al Pastor (A true classic)
  • Cochinita Tacos (Yucatecan Style Pulled Pork)
  • Tacos de Camaron (Shrimp Tacos)

Don’t know where to start with the options on our list? You don’t have to worry as we have the recipes here. For even more of the best Mexican recipes this year, check out our 2022 picks.

What to get for your Cinco de Mayo dinner?

Want to make your tacos a bit different? Try a different corn tortilla. We recommend trying the blue corn tortillas to add a little more colour and flavour to your dinner. Looking for a great salsa to serve with your tacos? Try this delicious salsa verde made with jalapeño peppers, or this salsa roja made with chipotle for an extra kick. Want to know even more about traditional salsas to impress your guests? Check out 101 guide on Mexican salsas.

Pro tip: tortillas taste better when they are hot. If you are serving tacos and you are not sure how to get the tortillas ready, we recommend you look at our guide on how to heat tortillas properly.

If you are hosting friends for just some drinks, you can keep it simple and offer some chips and guacamole. Want to make the guacamole more flavourful? You can try adding some Tajin Clasico (or Tajin Habanero if you are brave enough) to the mix. If you want to make it even easier, just get some of the Casa Bonita Tajin Chips; they will save you the extra step!

What to drink during your Cinco de Mayo party in Canada?

For the drinks, you can always go with some Tequila or Mezcal cocktails or just shots (always be careful with this option!). Want to take it easy? Beer is the way to go. There are plenty of Mexican beers available in Canada. All the big brands are available everywhere in the LCBO, SAQ, or liquor stores. However, if you are in Canada, why don’t you go with a local option like Steam Whistle? After all, the Mexican food is already covered. Want to mix the best of both worlds? You can try the Casa Bonita Chips made with Spent Grain from Steam Whistle.

You got the talking points, the food, and also the drinks, all you have to do now it’s have a great time with your friends. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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