Tajin in Canada – Everything you need to know.

Tajin is one of the most popular seasonings used in Mexican food. Here in Casa Bonita Foods, we love Tajin Seasoning, so we built a quick FAQ post to answer some of the most common questions about this delicious seasoning.

What is Tajin seasoning?

Tajin is a mix of spices made of ground chilli, lime, and salt. The traditional Tajin is called Tajin Clasico, which is mostly mild in flavour, but spicy variations made with different chillies like the Tajin Habanero are also available.

Where is Tajin made?

Tajin is a 100% Mexican company that originated in the state of Veracruz. All Tajin Seasoning is currently made in Mexico, in the Tajin facility located in Zapopan, Jalisco.

How many types of Tajin Seasoning are available in Canada?

There are two types of seasoning, the Tajin Clasico and the Tajin Habanero.

Where can you buy Tajin?

In Canada, Tajin is distributed by Casa Bonita Foods Inc. You can buy Tajin from retailers like Walmart, Sobey’s, and Metro. For more information on where you can buy Casa Bonita and Tajin, visit our “About” section.

Can you buy Tajin Online?

Yes, you can! Try in our online store or with any of the retailers mentioned above. If you want to buy directly from our store, you can get them in convenient packs:

How can I use Tajin?

You can use Tajin on almost everything! From freshly cut fruits, salads, traditional Mexican food like tacos, and many other dishes. For example, we always like to put a little Tajin in our Cantina Style Corn Chips and our Spent Grain Beer Chips. Buy them together to enjoy this tasty combination!

Are there any other Tajin-based products?

Yes! You now can get the Casa Bonita Tajin Chips! If you need to know more about this delicious combination of Tajin and Chips, you can do it here. You can also go ahead a do yourself a favour and order them online in our shop.

Any suggestions for recipes where I can use Tajin?

There are many resources out there where you can find recipes. Let’s start with our recipes section and some simple examples like Guacamole with Tajin and Nachos with Tajin. You can also find some great ideas on Youtube, for example, these refreshing drinks Cucumber Cooler and Mango Frappe.

Which the official site for Tajin?

Tajin’s official site in Mexico is https://www.tajin.com/mx – For more information in Canada, you can visit: https://www.tajin.com/ca/.

How can I contact Casa Bonita Foods for opportunities for wholesale?

Please visit our contact page to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

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