Casa Bonita Collaborations Update

At Casa Bonita Foods, we have been collaborating with different companies since some time ago. From our successful collaboration with one of the top breweries in Toronto, Canada, Steam Whistle, to iconic Mexican brands like Tajin, we have created innovative products in the food industry, particularly in the snack sector.

This collaboration has opened the door to our company to diversify our products, with the recently launched Salsa line, and work in a different capacity with other retail brands like Farm Boy in Ontario.

So here is a little compilation of all of our work with other brands.

Let’s first talk again about what we have produced with iconic brands:

Steam Whistle Beer Chips – We partnered with one of the best breweries in Canada, Steam Whistle Brewing, to bring a new line of delicious chips made with spent grains. These delightful “Beer Chips” are now widely available in Ontario and the rest of Canada via supermarkets like Loblaws. These are always best enjoyed with a cold Steam Whistle Pilsner. This product is sustainable, delicious and purely Canadian!

Tajin Chips – The collaboration between Casa Bonita and the iconic Mexican brand Tajin started a few years back. After years of being the distributor for the Tajin spice in Canada, Casa Bonita developed a unique offering for the local market. Instead of providing small sample packets of Tajin in our bag of chips, we decided to add and blend the spice with the chips for you. The result is the Casa Bonita Tajin Chips! Find them in select supermarkets across Canada or order your Tajin Chips online at our shop.

Now, let’s talk about the collaboration with retailers. As mentioned above, there are two products we recently helped Farm Boy to launch:

  • Farm Boy Tostadas – Gluten-free and made with yellow corn.
  • Farm Boy Salsa – Made with tomatillo and fire-roasted jalapeno.

You can find more information about these delicious products here. Still, if you can wait to taste them, you can visit your local Farm Boy in Toronto, Ottawa and other cities in Southern Ontario.

As we look to keep expanding and collaborating with more brands in Canada, you can be sure that we have more to come soon. We are looking to expand our horizons with more innovative products and perhaps other markets. We can’t wait to tell you more about what we have in the works! You can expect to hear more about these ventures in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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