Enjoy our new spicy salsas! The newest line of products from Casa Bonita.

Wondering which is the perfect salsa to pair with your Casa Bonita chips or add to your tacos? We know it’s not an easy question, so we decided to do our part and came up with what we think are some of the best salsa options you can get out there.

The team at Casa Bonita has been working on  this project for quite some time, and now it’s very proud to present three unique salsa flavours for the Canadian market:

  • Fire Roasted Chipotle salsa
  • Roasted Jalapeño salsa
  • Fire Roasted Habanero salsa

These three salsas are made with chilis grown in different areas of Mexico. Crafted with the idea to connect you with different elements of Mexico’s gastronomy. The Fire Roasted Chipotle salsa inspired by the cuisine from the country’s central area has a wonderful smoky flavour and medium heat intensity.

The Roasted Jalapeño salsa with a mild heat intensity it’s inspired by the flavours in the east and central areas of Mexico. Finally, the Fire Roasted Habanero salsa it’s the spiciest of them all. Made with habanero peppers grown in the south of Mexico, this salsa pays tribute to the flavour available in some traditional Yucatecan dishes.

Our salsas are crafted in Mexico with fresh ingredients following an artisanal process and then imported into Canada. With minimum ingredients, no added sugar, and no preservatives, these salsas are gluten-free and vegan.

So, where can you can get our delicious spicy salsas? You can find them in our online store, but we are working on getting them in major grocery stores & other food stores in Canada. We are expecting to have them on the shelves of your favourite supermarkets in the next few months. We will provide updates on this post once the salsas are already available in specific stores. Please visit our about page for a complete list of where to find all of our other products.

If you haven’t tried our chips, please visit our products page to find more about them, or head to our store if you prefer to order online.

This effort is another major achievement for our brand this year. We recently announced our Tajin Chips, which are also available on our online store and major retailers in Canada.

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